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Top 20 Dog Breeds That Have The Cutest Puppies

As you probably know, a little dog is called a puppy. Almost all puppies are cute, but some of them are cuter than the others. Some puppies are very popular in commercials, as well as in greeting cards. What dog breeds have the cutest puppies?

In this article we will tell you which puppies are considered the cutest and why do people love them so much. Also, we will tell you something more about these dog breeds, so after reading this article you will be able to decide which puppy is the best for you.

1. English Bulldog Puppies

English bulldog is a dog of a medium size and very heavy. The coat of this dog comes in various colors, such as red, white, brindle, etc. The tail of English bulldog is naturally very short and in most cases it is straight. English bulldog doesn’t need too much exercise, so he prefers sitting at home all day. This dog barks very seldom. Most English bulldogs are very patient and friendly, so they can be great family pets. A very important thing is that these dogs form very strong bonds with children.

The puppies of English bulldog are one of the cutest wrinkly puppies in the world. They are wrinkly and squat and people simply adore them and their wrinkly faces. Over time these puppies will have more and more extra skin, so you will not resist cuddle them. When it comes to a diet of these puppies, it is important to know that they will need several meals per day in the early stage of life. You should take care of their diet because they can easily put on excess weight.

Another important thing to know is that English bulldog puppies overheat faster than other dog breeds, so you need to provide them a lot of clean and cool water.

2. Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retriever is considered the most handsome dog breed in the world. Many studies have shown that golden retriever is a favorite dog breed of most people.

The golden retriever puppies are also irresistible and they are usually used in commercials. These puppies are very handsome and they have a lot of golden fur.

They are really cute puppies due to their clumsiness, because they are always stumbling and falling around. People like to play with them and also to cuddle them.

3. Labrador Retriever Puppies

Labrador retriever is a very strong dog and it is medium-sized. His coat is short, dense and water-resistant. These dogs are hard-working and they are used as hunters. They are also very intelligent and it is easily to train them.

Labrador retriever puppies are also among the cutest puppies. People adore them because they are always active and ready to play with both children and adults.

4. Shar Pei Puppies

Shar pei is a dog breed that comes from China. It is well known for its specific look. They have blue-black tongue, small ears and also deep wrinkles. Shar pei has wrinkles on his face, but also on shoulder and at the tail base. The coat of shar pei is soft in one direction and it is harsh in other direction. This dog breed is prone to allergy skin infections and also to yeast infections in the ears.

Shar pei puppy is maybe the cutest puppy in the world. These puppies are friendly and they like playing with children. Shar pei puppies also appear in many commercials, so they become more and more popular.

5. Maltese Puppies

Maltese is a dog breed who is fearless and also very gentle. Maltese dog has a glamorous coat, which makes him look gorgeous. Maltese dogs are well known for their agility and obedience.

As you probably know, Maltese is a small breed of dogs, so you can imagine how cute Maltese puppies are. If you see the pictures of puppies, you will see that they look like furry toys because they have a lot of fur. It is very easy to train Maltese puppies, so it is recommended to start with training since early age. This way you will get an obedient and happy puppy.

Maltese puppies are very intelligent and they learn new commands easily. They will easily soak up the behaviors or moods that you convey to them.

6. Alaskan Malamute Puppies

This dog breed is native to Arctic region. The coat of these dogs is very thick because they need it in order to survive extreme cold and look like huskies.

Their puppies are very cute and friendly. You should keep in mind that they need a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy and happy.

7. Poodle Puppies

There’s no doubt that poodle puppies are also one of the cutest in the world.

These puppies are all covered with fur, so they look like toys.

8. Samoyed Puppies

Due to their innocent faces and white fur, Samoyed puppies are irresistible and simply adorable to people. They are fluffy and they look like little snowballs.

Samoyed puppies have adorable faces and giant hair, so people simply melt in front of them.

9. Beagle Puppies

Have you ever heard of Beagle dog breed? Do you know how do Beagles look like and what are their main characteristics? If you are interested in this dog breed, now you will find more about it.

Beagles have been used for more than 1000 years to help people in hunting. Beagles are small but hardy dogs and they are described as loyal friends and good companions to both adults and children. They are very patient and creative, but sometimes they may also be very stubborn.

Beagle puppies are very small and cute. However, they are intelligent and serious dogs. These puppies are well known for their beautiful eyes, so people simply melt in front of them. Beagle puppies have also floppy ears and white-tipped tail and they are beautiful in color.

These puppies will use every opportunity to whine and howl, so it will be necessary to train them well, in order to get rid of this habit when they grow up. Beagle puppies are also very active, so they will certainly keep you in shape. They need a lot of exercise in order to stay fit, so if they sit at home all day they may become a little pudgy. Also, if you leave your Beagle puppy at home, he may get bored and become destructive in such situation, so be careful! Before you decide to buy a Beagle puppy, you should analyze how active your lifestyle is.

10. Bichon Frise Puppies

The dogs of a Bichon Frise breed are small, fluffy and cute, so most people adore them. Their puppies are even cuter and they look like small clouds. They are active and they always want to play with their owners. Also, it is known that these puppies will not like being left alone at home.

11. Newfoundland Puppies

It is known that Newfoundland dog is a very large and working dog that is native to Canada. These dogs can be brown, black or white-black and they have water-resistant coat. These dogs have also large bones and strong musculature and they can swim long distances. They have a double coat and they shed a lot.

Although it is known that dogs of Newfoundland breed are very big, their puppies are small and very cute. They look like teddy bears when they are young. Also, these puppies are very cuddly, friendly and cheerful. They like playing with children and they are absolutely harmless when they are young.

12. St. Bernard Puppies

This is a breed of very large and working dogs which have been trained to find lost people and they usually live in mountains. St. Bernard dogs are native to western Alps in Switzerland, France and Italy. The largest dogs of this breed can weigh about 140 kg. The coat of these dogs is usually a combination of white and some other color, such as mahogany brindle or red color.

There is also black shading on a dog’s face and also on the ears of a dog. Another characteristic of these dogs is a long and heavy tail that is hanging low.

St. Bernard dogs are very large, so they may look scary, but their puppies are very adorable. They are harmless and you will certainly enjoy spending time with them. When they look at you with their adorable brown eyes, you will certainly want to cuddle them.

13. Chow Chow Puppies


This dog breed comes from China. Chow Chow dogs are proud and independent, but if you want to have a cuddle dog, then chow chow is not the best choice for you. Chow Chows may become fierce when they protect their owners and their property.

However, Chow Chow puppies are very cute and friendly. They are also called ‘’puffy lions” and you will certainly like to cuddle them. They are not very active, so you can keep them in a house or in an apartment. It is crucial to train these puppies when they are young, because if not trained well, they may become aggressive later when they grow older.

14. Corgi Puppies

Corgi is a small type of dog that comes from Wales. Corgi dog loves to spend time with his owners and he is very active. Also, he loves to play with children, so this dog is especially recommended to families with small children. The coat of corgi dogs can be in different colors, such as red, black, brindle, etc.

Corgi puppies are also one of the cutest puppies in the world. They have stubby legs, big eyes and very long ears. People adore them because of their innocent faces and their cute body. Corgis are long and very low to the ground.

15. Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian is a foxy-faced dog breed that is well known for its agility and obedience. These dogs are very friendly and active, so they are great for families with children. People love them because of their double coat that may come in about 20 different colors.

Pomeranian puppies are one of the cutest puppies in the world. Pomeranian puppies are like big balls made of fur. They can be in white, black, red, blue, brown and also in many other colors. You should know that the coat may change its color over time.

Pomeranian puppies are becoming more and more popular all over the world. These puppies are very intelligent and extroverted. This puppy will listen to your commands very carefully and he will understand all the rules of the owner.

16. Basset Hound Puppies

The Basset Hound puppies will also make your heart melt.

These puppies have very long and floppy ears. Also, their innocent face is simply irresistible.

17. Pug Puppies

When you see a smooshed little face and a tiny body of this puppy, you will certainly be in love with him.

These puppies have bug-eyes and a curly tail. When you see this puppy you will certainly have a smile on your face.

18. French Bulldog Puppies

French bulldog is a rare dog breed that is native to France. These dogs are great companions and family dogs. They don’t need too much exercise, but it is recommended to take them to walks every day.

French bulldog puppies are also very cute and simply adorable. They have round ears and their face is smooshed. They bark not only when they are excited, but their own language is also made of whines and yawns. It is not very easy to train these puppies, but you should try. These puppies are very playful but they also love hanging out next to you.

19. Dachshund Puppies

Dachshund dogs have their unique look. They are well known for their long-shaped body.

But, puppies are quite different in their appearance and people simply adore them.

20. Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie puppies are very tiny and fragile, so you need to be careful when you are touching them. It is not recommended to let the children play with these puppies.


These are some of the cutest puppies in the world, but there are also many other adorable puppies, such as Chihuahua puppies and German shepherd puppies.

We hope you like this article and we also hope that you will choose the right puppy for you and your family.

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