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Can Dogs Eat Coconut Oil?

Dogs have been our loyal friends and helpers for many centuries, from the prehistoric to modern times. They are probably the most beloved and popular pets all over the world. Dogs are loving and dear companions, who will give us all the love and devotion if we treat them in a good way. But before you consider bringing home a new four-legged family member, make sure you can provide it all the necessary conditions for proper and healthy development and life.

Taking care of a particular breed depends on its characteristics, but all the dogs need to have their basic needs fulfilled. The basic needs for a healthy and happy pet are good accommodation, healthy nutrition, healthcare and physical activity. Dogs are sensitive beings and they can get very attached to their owners. They feel joy and fear, they love to play and cuddle, but can also suffer and be sad. Every dog needs all the basic needs fulfilled and it should never be neglected in any way.

How to feed your dog?

When it comes to dogs’ nutrition, there are some really simple rules. They can be fed prepared food from pet shops, both in wet and dry form. Those products contain all the necessary ingredients your dog needs for a healthy development and its satisfaction. Before buying food, consult a veterinarian on individual nutritional needs of your pet. Type and amount of food depends on your dog’s age, size, weight and breed. Never buy cheaper food if it does not meet the standards required by your pet. If you cannot buy a good quality food, you can always cook it by yourself.

Homemade food is also good for your dog. You need to make sure it does not contain ingredients that would easily upset your pet’s tummy. Ingredients such as onions, garlic, grilled food and many spices, including too much salt, can be harmful for your dog’s digestion. Dogs are originally carnivores, but they got used to a variety of food we normally eat. A cooked mix of vegetables, rice and meat is a good example of a desirable dog’s meal. Even capsicum will be beneficial.

Dogs are used to routine. They should take their food the same time every day, from the same bowel. If it suits your pet, food does not need to be changed; frequent variations could disturb their stomach and cause them unnecessary digestion problems.

Additions to a dog’s diet

There are plenty of food that can be added to your dog’s diet plan, in order to make it even healthier. Some fruits like plums and natural ingredients could be a good choice as an occasional treat. Other food can be given on a daily basis, as a healthy addition in a regular diet.

Coconut oil is one of the most valued sources of healthy fats and energy. Nowadays, it becomes more and more popular in regular humans’ diet. Many experts would suggest adding a small daily serving of coconut oil to a dog’s diet, especially for older, slower dogs or pets who suffer from health problems, such as arthritis. Coconut oil increases the stamina of the body and enhances all the physical performances, both in humans and animals.

Coconut oil in a dog’s diet

Coconut oil is considered as a good addition in pets’ diet, including cats and dogs. Recently, it has become very popular in humans nutrition, even considered to be one of the healthiest natural fat resources. It has many health benefits, both for humans and animals, but only if taken in a small amounts.

Coconut oil mostly consists of good fatty acids. It has amazing healing properties, including strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is considered to be a great natural antioxidant which can be used even for cancer prevention. It is good for digestion, hair and skin, as well.

Our pets can also benefit form amazing properties of coconut oil. It is safe for dogs, but it also contains certain triglycerides that could have a bad affect on its intestinal tract. Too much coconut oil could cause intestinal discomfort and bloating. However, small amounts of coconut oil can be very useful to your pet. It promotes excellent digestion and prevents infections. It is also good for the coat, making it look nice and bright. Coconut oil is a great enrichment in a diet plan for dogs that suffer from arthritis. It could ease their pain and make them more active. For the same reasons, coconut oil is one of the best supplements for older dogs.

Coconut oil is packed with many essential nutrients that are good for your dog’s health. Many veterinarians would warmly recommend it as an addition to a dog’s regular diet. Dosage depends on a dog’s weight. For example, two tablespoons a day would suffice a dog of 25 kg.