Can Guinea Pigs Eat Runner Beans?

The guinea pig obviously likes to take pleasure in the occasional, delicious treats, provided with the some luscious foods. As you serve them with the snacks, it may keep the mouth of the pigs always occupied.

At the same time, this may also prevent the little lonely guinea pig from becoming bored throughout a day. And obviously, most of the owners of cavies or guinea pigs like to pamper their pet with some treat that is very exciting. Some owners like to give beans to their guinea pigs.

In this context, it is to be said that many people cannot decide on whether they like to choose runner beans or green beans.

Runner Beans Differ From Green Beans

You should remember that these two kinds of the beans are not completely same.

Runner beans appear as the bigger models of the string beans or green beans. However, in addition to the size, there are some differences between them.

Runner bean is the product of the perennial type of plant, while string bean is found to be annual. While the seed of the runner bean initially begins to increase, the primary leaves and the stem are foremost parts, which come out from earth. On the other hand, while the seed of the green bean starts growing, the part that has to appear from soil is two sides of seed. Also check kale when given as food to guinea pigs.

Runner Beans – Are They Safe For Pigs?

According to some researchers, there are some nutritional differences between the two kinds of the beans. The unfortunate fact is that the runner beans seem to be much poisonous choice, if you choose it as the meal for your little guinea pigs. That is why as per the opinions of some specialists, it is better to keep the runner beans always away from the reach of the little piggy.

However, there is a surprising fact about the leaves of the runner bean. As a guinea pig owner, you will be happy to know that the leaves of these bean plants are suitable options for the diet of the guinea pigs. Thus, without any worry, you can give the leaves of runner beans to the guinea pigs. And, there is no strict restriction about the amount to be fed.

Again, many of the people, who have guinea pigs in their households, ask their vets about whether it is better to offer raw runner beans or the cooked ones. Unfortunately, the piggy cannot consume them eat them, even if the beans are in cooked form.

There is also confusion about the covering of runner beans. The leaves and the shell or covering are not the same thing. It has been stated that the leaves have no poison at all. However, the beans as well as their shells may be toxic.

Thus, the guinea pigs may eat lots of leaves of runner bean plants. The dandelions or any other type of weeds may also be added to the diet. On the other hand, green beans may be eaten but only in moderate quantity.

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