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Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

Rabbits are well known for their munching. They are always eating something, and since they spend most of their time in cages, or if they are house pets, then in our apartments or backyards, they will come across different foods that are common for our meal plans.

The question is what foods can they eat, without being hurt, and is broccoli one of them?

And the answer is yes. Rabbits love to eat green vegetables, and vegetables in general, so they are safe with eating broccoli. You can also read about rabbits eating kale.

Nutritional information-broccoli

This amazing vegetable is very healthy. It is used in our cousine quite a lot and it is best known as a dietary food. And that is for a good reason. Here are some benefits of eating broccoli.

Broccoli can in large amount lower down the toxins in our body, that are a result of all the bad substances in the air and in water. In some cases even in food, due to different pesticides. Some medications that calm down inflammatory effects in our bodies, can be hard on our organisms, and cause more trouble then good.

So, if you are looking for an anti-inflammatory remedy, than you can consider this healthy vegetable. Nutrients found in broccoli are able to change the connestions between inflammation and oxidative stress, detox and cancer.

Even tough we don’t imagine vegetables as a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, this opinion should be changed, since broccoli is very rich in this component. This amount is of course not as big as in other fatty sources, but is present.

Broccoli also stands out as the most concentrated source of anitio-oxidant component and that is vitamin C. He provides a long term support of oxygen to our bodies and flavonoids that allow it to recycle.

So, vitamin, minerals and flavonoids in broccoli help to lower the risk of oxidative stress in our bodies, and chronic inflammation that can even cause cancer.

Toxins that are a risk to our bodies must be eliminated. Broccoli in this case is a great detoxicating vegetable. This amazing vegetable can alter the activity in both detox steps. ITC’s that are made from broccoli can significantly prevent detoxication of dangerous substances that threaten our cells.

He is also great for our digestion. It has 1 gram of dietary fiber for every 10 calories and you don’t have to eat too much broccoli to get all the healthy benefits. Connected to this is also cardiovasculary benefits. He lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in our bodies and prevents creation of cardiovascular issues connected to poor eating habits. So, overall a great food, and with very powerful beneficial nutrients.

Feeding broccoli to rabbits

Now that we know that broccoli is healthy for people, we can assume it is also healthy for our pets. In this case rabbits. They are very used to eating raw vegetables, so there is no real danger in eating broccoli.

Some rabbit owners are concerned about feeding foods that cause gastrointestinal gas in people, like broccoli does, but this won’t be a problem.  Broccoli are very rich in vitamins, minerals that will make your bunny very healthy. If he has any sort of defficiency then broccoli is the right choice, because t is both safe for him, and also he enjoys eating it.

You can give it to him as a treat, in form of fresh leaves, or if he gained a little bit of weight, then broccoli can also be used as a main meal.

Rabbits don’t have the same digestive system as humans so foods that cause gas in people, don’t do the same in rabbits. They enjoy green vegetables, and usually eat them fresh in nature.

Since broccoli has a lot of beneficial nutrients that are not only good for people, they can also be very good for your little bunny. You can choose to feed him fresh broccoli, or even hang some leaves on the top of the cage so he has to strech out to get them. It can also be mixed in with his regular meal. this way it is fun for him as well as healthy.

When feeding him broccoli make sure to use the leaves, and avoid roots. If you notice any bad reaction after giving him broccoli, then avoid using it in the future. Make sure to inform the vet, if your bunny shows any signs of difficulty digesting it.

You should also start with smaller amounts when giving him foods that he is not used to. After that, monitor his behavior. When you are in doubt then don’t use the foods in your rabbit’s meal plan, if you are afraid of the outcome. But in most cases nothing bad will happen. In the end, you can always ask your vet.

Possible side effects to broccoli, are burping, poor digestion or bloating. But these situations are rare, and don’t happen that often. It can be that your bunny is intolerant to some foods.

So, broccoli is safe for rabbits. You can use it in different forms, as fresh leaves or mixed into his food. He loves eating fresh food, so this is probably the best way. His digestive system is used to green vegetables, and there is no report of bad side-effects when it comes to broccoli. Use it as a treat or give your bunny a healthy meal from time to time. It will provide him enough fiber, vitamins and minerals and protect his immune system. You can also add swede every once in a while.