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Can Rabbits Eat Fennel?

Before introducing new foods in your rabbit’s diet, you should know that it should be based primarly on fresh hay, grass and water. All other foods can be used occasionally and not as a regular part of rabbit’s diet.

In this article we will talk about fennel. You might be worried if your bunny has eaten a slice of fennel. There’s no doubt that fennel is one of rabbit’s favorite things to eat, but you might not be sure is this vegetable good for your rabbit.

If you are wondering whether fennel is safe for your rabbit or not, read on this article. You will find out more about fennel and its effects on rabbit’s health. You can also check our article on mint and rabbits.

More about Fennel

Fennel is an aromatic European plant of the parsley family. It comes from the Mediterranean and it is a perennial plant. Fennel has feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Some experts consider fennel a vegetable, because the white bulb at the bottom of the plant can be eaten cooked or raw. Others consider that fennel is an herb because of its stalks and leaves that are used for tea or as a spice.

Fennel is used not only in culinary purposes, but also in medicine. It has a lot health benefits for people, but what about rabbits? Is fennel also good for our little pets?

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Is Fennel Safe For Rabbits?

The answer is yes. Fennel is safe for your rabbit and you can give it to him. Fennel is especially good because it is rich in fiber and it can be a great addition to your rabbit’s diet. A great thing is that rabbits can eat the entire fennel, stalks and bulb. You don’t have to waste any part of the plant.

Fennel can be a tasty and crunchy snack for your rabbit. You can simply slice the bulb or cut off the stalk and give it to your rabbit. Of course, it is important to wash it first. It is recommended to feed you bunny one fennel stalk and a slice of the bulb daily. It is more than enough for rabbits. This ways fennel will last three or four days and then you have to buy the new one.

Although fennel is safe for your rabbit and it can also be beneficial, never feed your rabbit high amounts of fennel, because it can lead to some stomach problems, such as diarrhea or bloating. Have in mind that fennel can be used as an occasional treat for your rabbit, not as a regular part of his diet.


In this article you have seen that fennel can be a great snack for your rabbit. You don’t have to worry if your bunny also enjoys this vegetable. Due to the high content of fiber, fennel can be very beneficial for your rabbit’s health, especially if your rabbit doesn’t consume enough fresh hay. But, have in mind that you should introduce new foods slowly, in order to avoid digestive upsets in your bunny. Read about rabbits eating apples next.

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