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Can Rabbits Eat Plums?

A rabbit’s diet is mostly based on grass and fresh hay, but rabbits also enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits which can be given to them occasionally. You might also wonder if they can have the occasional bread.

In this article we will talk about plums. It is known that many rabbits enjoy sugary fruits, but are plums safe for rabbits or they can be harmful? Below you will find out more about plums and their effects on rabbit’s health. After reading this text you can decide if you will feed your rabbit plums or not.

More about Plums

Plums are fruits of the genus Prunus and they are relatives of the nectarine, peach and almond. Dried plum fruits are usually called dried plums or prunes, but prunes are actually a different type of a plum. Plums are the fruits of medium size, with a smooth peel and juicy flesh.

There are many species of plums, but they are all similar. Plums are rich in sugar, so they should not be eaten in large amounts. Plums also contain a hint of calcium, phosphorus and fiber. They are also rich in vitamin C and they have many health benefits for people. But, can rabbits eat this fruit?

Are Plums Safe for Rabbits?

Rabbits can eat plums, but only in small amounts because they contain large amounts of sugar. Plums are on the list of foods that are safe for rabbits, but you should know that all fruits should be given to rabbits in moderation. You should always remember of high sugar content that plums contain.

Also remember that rabbit’s digestive system is different from ours, so they can have some gastrointestinal problems of eating too much sugar. Also, plums contain a lot of water and they can cause bloating in your rabbit. Overfeeding tomatoes can also have the same effect.

How Many Plums Can You Give to Your Rabbit?

One or two tablespoons of fruits are more than enough for your rabbit during the day. You can simply chop a plum into pieces and give your rabbit a few pieces a week. If you are giving plums to your rabbit for the first time, be careful.

Whenever you introduce a new food in your rabbit’s diet, you should start with very small amounts, in order to avoid gastrointestinal upsets. Give your rabbit a bite of a plum and wait for 24 hours, to see if there are any side effects. If your rabbit is okay, you can use plums as an occasional treat in a rabbit’s diet, but it should never substitute rabbit’s regular food. Also, it is very important to wash plums before giving them to your rabbit.


As you have seen, plums are safe for rabbits, if eaten moderately. Although rabbits enjoy eating plums, they should not eat large amounts of this fruit, because of its high sugar content.

To avoid any side effects, give your rabbit only small amounts of plums once in a while. Plums can be a delicious treat for your rabbit, but always have in mind that moderation is the key.