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Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries?

These little furry friends love to eat, and they eat almost everything. From fruits to vegetables like lettuce, they are one of the low-maintenance pets. Since they are not too picky about their foods, you are responsible for their diet and nutrition.

That can sometimes be hard, because we can’t know for sure which food will suit them and which can be possibly a threat. In this article we will learn more about blueberries, and whether they are safe for your little furry friend.

Blueberries-nutritional information

This fruit is high in phytonutrients. They are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. These two aspects are important for people as well as for animals since germs and viruses can’t be released from our body without the help of certain foods.

Blueberries are a great support for our cardiovascular health. Their beneficial nutrients protect us from strokes, lower the amount of cholesterol in our blood, protect us from cardiovascular damage of our blood vessels and lower our blood pressure.

Blueberries also increase cognitive functions, and that means they improve our memory. They help us to control the amount of blood sugar and keep it in the normal range. Besides these beneficial effects, blueberries protect our eyes and they are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber.

Are blueberries safe for hamsters?

This amazing and healthy fruit is safe for your little friend. They will not only provide him with all the nutritional benefits that I have mentioned earlier, but they will also make a delicious treat for him. The best way to feed him blueberries, is by giving him smaller amounts at first and then increasing the amount.

With any new food, that you include in your pet’s diet, start with smaller portions and then slowly increase the amount. If your pet doesn’t seem to have any problem with the food, then you will know it is safe for them. Blueberries are best given as a snack, and not as a meal, since hamsters need a little bigger portion to survive, and larger amounts of blueberries are not recommended.

When giving your hamster vegetables and fruits, always give it to him in raw form. Any type of process of these foods can cause them to lose their beneficial nutrients, which makes them useless to your little friend.

Since there is a lot of sorts of blueberries, it is best to choose ones that are fresh and, if possible, organic. They are not only healthier, but they are also tastier for your little hamster friend. To check how fresh they are, try shaking the package and if the blueberries move around separately, then they are fresh.

Washing, is of course, necessary. Our pets can’t tolerate germs and other pesticides, so it is important to remove them from anything you feed them. Raw fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned and it is best to do so just before feeding it to them. If you wash your fruit and vegetables right away, they will decay more quickly.

You can store them in refrigerator and feed them after they warm up a little bit.

To make it easier for him, try slicing them to little pieces. Blueberries are also okay for smaller hamsters as well as for older ones. They will make a delicious treat for him, just stay moderate.

Downside to blueberries

Like any other fruit, blueberries should be given in smaller amounts. The reason for this is that they can cause your pet to have diarrhea or vomiting. Hamsters need to consume enough nutrients throughout the day, and feeding them only blueberries won’t be enough.

This is why pet store food, made especially for hamsters, is the best choice. This will give him enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and another good side is that it is safe for him.

Fruit in general can make your hamster sometimes feel sick. This is because they had too much, or because they simply don’t like them. It is possible that animals refuse certain foods because it doesn’t taste good to them.

So, in the beginning, give him smaller portions until you see his reaction to them. If you notice anything strange, or if he starts vomiting, stop giving him blueberries. Your hamster can also eat kiwi, so read about here on our site.