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Can Turtles Eat Carrots?

Turtles are very special and interesting animals. For people who prefer reptiles over cuddly, furry animals, turtles are amongst the favorite ones. Those kind and gentle reptiles are truly lovable.

They are quite calm, but they have cute facial expressions. Their beautiful shells are adorned with those amazing patterns, which give them really extraordinary appearance. There are various species of turtles and each requires special care.

It might seem those mild and gentle animals do not require a lot of care. On the contrary, turtles are demanding pets. Each tortoise needs to be nurtured properly, in order to grow and remain healthy.

So, before getting a turtle, please make sure you are ready for a long term commitment and constant care of your lovely reptile.

Some basics of turtle nurture consist of good living conditions, physical activity and balanced nutrition. Turtles held indoors require glass tanks or settings with a pond. Those places should be of a size that suits the size of your pet. There are many good suggestions you can easily find online over the matter. You might think a turtle does not need any exercise, but that’s just wrong picture we’ve got from popular culture.

In fact, turtles are quite active in the wild. So, your pet needs enough space to swim, climb and walk around.

Feeding turtles

When it comes to food, turtles are both carnivores and omnivores. Young turtles eat only meat and adults eat both meat and vegetables. There are various things you could feed your tortoise. Turtle pellets as a basic food, some insects, fish, some sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables like lettuce and more.

There is an essential difference between freshwater and land turtles. Freshwater tortoise needs to submerge itself in water. Otherwise, it won’t be able to eat; it will probably dry out and starve to death. Pay special attention, if you’ve got one.

Carrots on the menu

Turtles enjoy eating carrots. Veggies are generally good for them, but keep in mind your dear friend needs various types of food and never stick to one. Some carrots can be safely added to your pet’s menu. It would most likely love it!

Vegetables are regular food on every turtle’s menu and carrots are considered extremely turtle friendly. They contain various nutrients and your pet will benefit from it. Since turtles taken as pets are usually not very big, just shred carrots before offering them to your pet. That way carrots will be easy to digest and you’ll reduce the risk from choking. So, use healthy, fresh carrots as a healthy viand on your turtle’s menu!