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Can Turtles Eat Lettuce?

Turtles are amongst the most beloved reptiles around the globe. There is a lot of symbolism connected to them. Turtles are often found as representatives of longevity and wisdom, in many cultures worldwide. Those interesting and amazing animals have roots in prehistoric times. They belong to the group of the oldest reptiles on Earth. There are numerous species of turtles and each is wonderful in its particular ways.

Turtles are also commonly taken as pets. Those gentle and mild animals seem not to require a lot of care, but the truth is completely different. Uninformed people might think it doesn’t need special care, but turtles are demanding pets.

They need special conditions in order to develop healthy and remain that way. A turtle’s individual needs vary depending on particular specie.

However, some basics could be applied to every turtle.

If you think your new pet would be happy and satisfied living in small tank with an island and palm tree, you’re wrong. The tank or other setting for your pet has to suit its size.

Turtles also need sunlight, good temperature and other necessary conditions. They require space big enough to swim, climb and walk. Despite common popular picture of turtles as slow and lazy animals, they are naturally active and they love it. Besides those, good nutrition is also one of the essentials.

Feeding turtles

Turtles eat various types of food. There are lots of options to choose from. Get well informed on your turtle’s specie particular nutritional needs and create a good diet scheme. While carrots are good for turtles, they should also be fed with other healthy greens.

Turtles eat both meat and plant food. Most of them are omnivores, but their diet really varies depending on specie. For example, sea turtles eat just grass and algae, while musk turtles are mainly carnivores and they love small fish, insects and such.

Healthy lettuce for turtles

Since vegetables are usually regular food on turtles’ menu, lettuce is a good choice.

In fact, this leafy green vegetable is delicious for many turtles and your pet would most likely enjoy nibbling some healthy lettuce. It is nutritional and beneficial to them, as long as it doesn’t replace other food. Remember turtles need various viands to grow and stay strong.

Keep your pet’s menu diverse and use various types of viands. Some insects, fish, vegetables, fruits and turtle pellets should be amongst regular viands you would feed your pet. Lettuce is recommendable to be included on your pet’s menu.

The only thing you should worry about is cleanliness of your pet’s living space. They are quite messy with food, so make sure it’s tank is kept in order.

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