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Can Cats Eat Crab?

Crab and other seafood is very important in our nutrition. Crab provides certain nutrients that are very hard to find in other food. Since it is very usual in our diet, for cat owners it is very important to know whether crab meat is okay for their feline friends or not. We have watched many cartoons and movies where cats eat crab and seem to enjoy it, so is this actually true or not? And the answer is yes. Crab meat is safe for cats.

Crab-nutritional information

As we all know crab is extremely rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Another good source of protein are peanuts. This is why crab meat is considered to be the healthiest meat out there. Crab is also rich in vitamin D which has a function of a steroid hormone. With all of these components, crab protects our heart and cardiovascular health. Keeps our blood vessels clean and vital and protects us from strokes. Crab is important for our brain development as well and prevents depression in people.

Crab in cat’s diet

I have already answered the question about safety of crab meat for cats. They can eat almost every sort of crab meat without complications, but in moderation. Cats need to eat food that is made for them especially because it contains everything they need. So, dishes made out of crab can be used as treats or Cats enjoy eating everything made out of crab, so you can try feeding her crab dishes as long as they don’t contain other dangerous ingredients. What you want to avoid is giving your cat too much crab meat. This way you will shift her regular meal plan and she won’t get everything she needs for the day. Cats can’t eat too much, and giving them simple food like crab meat might cause them lack of other important nutrients.

Possible dangers

Cats can also be allergic to crab and other sea food. Seafood and Crustaceans allergies are common in people and also in animals. If you notice anything suspicious after your cat has eaten crab or other sea food, make sure to inform your vet. It might be that your cat has allergies and then crab meat can cause serious damage and can be even life threatening. Cat’s digestive tract produces vitamin K from food, but with fish and other sea food cats can’t produce enough vitamin K. He is necessary for blood clotting. Fish and crab can also make your cat become addictive. So, you will have a grouchy cat asking for crab and fish, and is not willing to eat anything else. Since crab doesn’t belong to the fish or seafood family, it is safe to say that this meat is the healthiest option for your cat. You can try giving her this treat from time to time, without disturbing her usual meal plan. It is important to feed your feline with specially made food because this food contains everything one cat needs to get her through the day. And if she has been good, you can reward her with this healthy treat. Some fruits are also good, but in moderation—eating too many dates isn’t advisable because of its sugar content.

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